Many women I have loved,
And all of them are you.
Some I've known for many years,
Others just a few.

One I love especially--
A girl at BYU.
We stay up late and talk a lot,
And watch old movies too.

I also love the teenager
I met at I.F. High.
We ride the bus and call at night
And cannot say goodbye.

One I love is loved by all
Because she's fun and kind.
I'm glad that she is so well loved,
But gladder still she's mine.

I love the girl who talks on the phone
When I call at the end of the day.
I count all my sets and save all my change
So I'm sure I have money to pay.

I love a girl who hates to lose
But plays me anyway.
And when she wins, she cheers and grins
And laughs my pride away.

Another that I love, despite
An absence all too long,
Is one who writes and talks to me
By tape while I am gone.

There's also one who visits me
When I'm at school alone.
Then it feels like home to me,
And not just lonely stone.

I love a mother I have known,
Although we seldom date.
The time we share at play is good,
But sharing kids is great.

The one I met most recently
Is weak and has no hair.
I drive her 'round and flush her tubes
And have no time to spare.

But her I love the most of all,
Although she is quite new,
Because she has the best of them,
And all of them are you.

(Alan to Andrea, Valentine's Day 2001)